Lumière Noir

May 22nd & June 1st
Our first show, “Lumière Noir: A Higher Frequency” is a cutting-edge multimedia event featuring ultraviolet (or “blacklight”) art. Bold and bright photography printed on brushed aluminum will adorn the walls of the venue which will be available for purchase. Both live and recorded video will be projected on the large screens above. A live, nude body-painting performance will be presented in an interactive and party-like atmosphere. One of the main attractions is to involve the spectator so they become part of the creation process. And finally the goal at the end of the evening is that the artists along with audience participation will have completed a beautiful, surreal, and living piece of ultraviolet art.

Please be a part of this incredible artistic vision by donating through PayPal. For every donation we’ll send you an e-thank you card. Every donation over $25 will get an Art e-book. Thank you!

Here is a short video taken at the first photo session:

This past weekend we shot the 2nd session! Right now I don’t have much to show you, but we were all thrilled with the results. Here is an unnamed and basically unedited image from this session. Enjoy!

nature goddess

Thank you for your donations and please join us for the live shows on MAY 22nd & JUNE 1st.